Who We Are


Rathbone is a UK-wide voluntary youth sector organisation providing opportunities for young people to transform their life-circumstances by re-engaging with learning, discovering their ability to succeed and achieving progression to further education, training and employment.

As well as the delivery of work based training and courses to thousands of young people, Rathbone connects to some of the country’s most difficult-to-reach young people through youth engagement programmes. These offer practical support and positive activities like sport, music or art as a first step in our work with them.


INTERMIX is an exciting new example of a youth engagement programme which enables some of the most marginalised young people to connect, and ultimately succeed within the communities that they have often become distanced from.


Rathbone is delighted to have secured funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for the INTERMIX project. INTERMIX will enable us to make vital links to local communities throughout the UK. INTERMIX will be vital to our efforts to help significant numbers of disadvantaged young people to learn; to progress; and become valued and productive members of their local communities.


Odd Theatre Company

Odd Theatre is a Community Interest Company based in Manchester. Odd Theatre is committed to working creatively with vulnerable and excluded groups for positive and realistic results. We aim to empower and improve the lives and outlook of vulnerable and excluded groups through drama and the arts. We manage and facilitate creative, issue- based workshops within the criminal justice system, community and education sectors.

We produce and develop high quality inclusive art with some of the most excluded groups in society. Through doing this, we aim to increase the confidence, self- esteem and personal awareness of individuals. The arts, particularly drama, are used as a tool to explore and challenge contentious issues through practical learning. Odd Theatre has a unique methodology and creative approach. We believe that drama and the arts can educate, rehabilitate and transform participants’ lives.


This course got me looking at things in a much better way for when I get out – like getting a job and staying out of prison – it’s helped to transform my thinking

Odd Theatre is responsible for the project management and the day-to-day running of INTERMIX. Odd Theatre is delighted to be managing such a unique project which as such has the potential to create positive and lasting achievements for both young people and their communities.

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